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The BUTTONFIX® Fixation Button with Adjustable Loop provides Leading strength and incorporating a unique design to help protect the graft during loop reduction.


The VIMFIX®-LR is a fully-threaded, knotless anchor designed for use with BioFiber suture or BioFiberR Tape in rotator cuff repair using the bridge techniques.


Anatomically designed low profile variable angled plates facilitates redirection of screws without adversely affecting the locking performance of the screw in High Tibial Osteotomy procedures.

Biocinch AI2

The BIOCINCH® AI2 Meniscal Repair System provides a strong 360º technique for meniscal repair. The system gives the surgeon the possibilities of placing horizontal or vertical mattress sutures on the femoral or tibial surfaces of the meniscus, and greatly reducing risk to the posterior neurovascular tissues.

AI Reamer

AI Reamers aid in “all-inside” ACL-PCL reconstruction procedures for incomplete tibial and femoral tunnel’s reverse-drilling from inside the joint, preserving cortico-cancellous bone at the end of the blind socket.


MINI-VIM PK® Ligament anchor is a non-absorbable PEEK suture anchor with a material eyelet that provides superior abrasion resistance due to PEEK's low coefficient of friction.

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